Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stupid app.

So, the way I had planned on updating this blog is by an app on my tablet. To this point, the app has not worked. So please, get off my back, im posting as I can. Anyway, a summary.

Empire Builder: terrible 2 day ride. $6 for a microwaved cheeseburger, half a million hands of rummy and a very frustrated tired Dakota.

Minneapolis: got in 2 hours before the wedding instead of 8. No shower, no nap. Just smelly stinky Dakota at cjs cousins wedding. Next day we went to a car show, then just hung around Minneapolis the next few days.

Chicago: talk about a sad city. Tje homeless there just makes it all so sad. We saw the sears tower. The navy pier and had deep dish pizza. Best pizza ever.

Boston: we didnt have a lot of time but we went to the USS Constitutution and took the tour of the oldest floating warship in the world. Then we went to TD Garden and I mailed a postcard to Kyla back home.

NYC: I could never live here. Its hot, frightening, smelly, and just all around to much concrete. I really cant wait to get from here to DC. The highlight was finding out Ducatti makes shoes.

I'll post more in depth when I can, but this should hold you over for now.

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